Scorecard Parameter

Scorecard Filters/Parameters: I am looking for Scorecard filter Show by default, I don’t want to press escape and click Change Filter every time.
Is my requirement possible for Scorecard?

Yes, you can use the following script in the Ready action to make the filter bar show up automatically:


Terrence, Thanks for your reply. I tried script and it is working however it hides top portion of my report…how can we avoid it? I want to see Parameter and report below that same as in SSRS Reports…

Also when I select filter and render report , it goes off. I want Parameter window always open for better end unser experience. Can we have any way to achieve it?

Appreciate your reply.

Hi @prashant,

Instead of using the parameters and the reports the way you are today, maybe you should try embedding your report/scorecard into a dashboard. If you do this, you can create a header right on the dashboard with filter controls to filter objects in the report/scorecard. It’s a bit more setup but i think it will get you the results you want.