Revisualising charts

We’re looking to allow users to revisualise the visualisations that we provide in the dashboard. So opening up the context menu and allowing them to change to specific chart types.

Has anyone done this for the users? My main worry is that all the formatting gets lost and we’d need to have many scripts to put it back.

Any advice and experiences most welcome.

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Could you have a selected list of visualizations that work with your data set, and create “show/hide” actions to allow them to flip through the visualizations they want to use? Then you could set the formatting and ensure what is displaying is what you want it to show, while still allowing the user to choose selected chart types.

@RachelTobin that is exactly what I am doing at present. But doing it this way means having multiple charts on the dashboard, and I thought that the ‘revisualise’ functionality was supposed to simplify this. Seems not.

@david.glickman formatting and properties should not get lost when you re-visualize, do you have example images?