REST API that can be used to Logout a user Account from Dundas using C#

I am embedding User Accounts of Dundas with of our Application built in C#. Which will be best suited API that can be used to SignOut a User out of the Dundas Application as he sign outs from the other application in c#.

Hi Aseem,

You can use the following REST endpoint to log yourself out.{id}/DELETE.html%3FTocPath%3DDundas%20BI%20REST%20API%20Reference|Session|_____11

Call a DELETE request on [base url]/API/Session/<id>/?sessionId=<session_id>. Make sure that both the <id> path parameter and <session_id> URI parameter are identical if your goal is to log yourself out.

That in mind, I am wondering exactly what your use case is as far as signing out users is concerned. Are you looking for functionality so that you can sign other users out? Are you looking to only let a user sign out their own accounts and if so, are you looking to terminate all active sessions under their name or just the currently used session?

Which will be best suited API that can be used to SignOut a User out of the Dundas Application

From this, my assumption would be that you are looking to only let users sign themselves out and terminate their current session. We’d definitely like to know more details so that we could perhaps give you a more pointed answer, as their are various different ways you can terminate a session via the API.

Please let me know if this works for you or if you have any additional questions.

And here is just one of the issues with the Dundas API.
Ok you guys have made a very powerful API and it does just about everything any one could ever want, if there was only a way to read your minds.
What I mean by this is the only ones that really know how powerful and wonderful it really is is you guys (the guys that wrote it or sat in on a few of the many meetings you had in developing it).


The API Documentation as it is currently are partial notes that remind some one who already knows what it does what it can do.

PLEASE start Dedicating a few hours each week or 1.5 hours a day for each developer on properly documenting the API.
Document it like you are telling some one who doesn’t know anything about it and tell them all about it, like the situation it is best used for and an example call.

PLEASE…!! :upside_down_face:

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Thanks for the feedback James. As you mentioned correctly, the API is very powerful as it allows you to do anything you can do in the UI and then more via API. These are a lot of options :sweat:

We are constantly working on adding new samples, script examples, how to blogs and improving our base documentation - trust me that we are spending much more than a few hours per week on that… Just today we are releasing a new blog about how to use the API to create your own custom UI - look for it in our monthly newsletter.

This is also why we encourage users to post their questions here on the public forums so everybody else can benefit from the knowledge sharing.

I know - sometimes I wish I could be in the mind of our amazing developers but I’m sure that if you keep staying up to date (as you already do) you will notice that we are gradually covering a lot of ground :sweat_smile: