Report Tables and Grouping


I was wondering if there is a way to attach tables to each other in a report. Currently I have a template built with multiple tables. This report will then be exported to PDF. The template changes with client so one clients table could be populated with 10 rows whereas the next client can be 2 rows.

I have subsequent tables following so I was hoping there would be a way to attach to the bottom so when it expands and contracts the tables below move with it.

Is this something that can be done? I thought grouping the tables might help but it didn’t seem to do the trick.

@patrick hi, please go to the table’s properties in that report, and check “auto expand to fit” option:

when this is enabled, any controls which start underneath the table will get pushed down when the table expands.


Thanks Jay,

I set up my tables as you have recommended. I noticed quite a large gap still between the tables even though in the UI during edit mode the tables look like they are touching. I have turned off both cell and table padding. To get them to be close while in edit mode I have to layer them on top of each other. Any recommendations?

@patrick Hi, for further assistance, we would need to look at how exactly everything is setup. For the next steps you can send a formal support inquiry to

Hi Jay,

I played around with my report and think I was able to resolve my issues. While using the “Auto Expand to Fit” feature I found that the best way to make it work was to shrink the table height down to a few rows and let it naturally grow as needed. There were some nuances however I ran into, seems to be a bit finicky with how much you collapse the table as well as how close the trailing tables are.

Thanks again

@patrick hi Patrick, good to hear about the progress, you are welcome. If you need any further help please don’t hesitate to contact us at