renaming 'grand total'


I am using a table and showing a ‘grand total’ column.

Is there any way to rename the column heading to ‘total’?


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Hi David,

The “Grand Total” text on your table visualization can be changed by updating the “Custom Total Text” property of your table visualization. You can find this property in the “Text” section of your table properties in the properties panel:

I hope this helps.


Thanks Pankaj

The one place I didn’t look :wink:

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…and over a year later I’ve found my own post when searching for an answer :grinning:

How can I do this on a chart? I need the (All) in the category axis to say ‘Total’.


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Morning David.

In this case, you’ll be wanted to use a data cube and adjust the All Caption.

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Thanks Jeff.

So there’s no way for two charts sharing the same cube to have different ‘total’ text? Because that’s what I need.

I don’t believe there is another method other than having two cubes or maybe duplicate the hierarchy in a single cube and have two options.

Perhaps @jamie.cherwonka would have another method for you?

Hi David,

Jeff is right, chart axes are just displaying the data values including whatever caption was given the all/total member in the cube.

Perhaps this could be a feature request to make the charts match the tables in functionality

Hi - The reason for the property on tables is that they display text like “Grand Total” by default to follow conventions for tables, even though this kind of text isn’t used anywhere else, and the property allows you to customize (or localize) that text. I think it would help to know what your total text is and why it’s different for two charts displaying the same cube.

Hi Jamie

I guess it is an unusual setup that we have here. We have questions stacked above each other in our data, and using filters we can choose which question to show. Probably something very unique to our market research type dashboards.

Axis labels are one of the few things that can’t yet be customized using states, so I added you to a feature request for this for when changing the values in the cube or source won’t work, although I’m not quite clear on this particular scenario. State styles allow the displayed text to be customized along with other appearance.

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@david.glickman Thanks for asking this question. Found it when trying to change the Grand Total text – something I know I did in training, I have probably done on other metric sets, but it slipped my mind on where to do this. Hopefully it’s engrained in my brain now :slight_smile:

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Happy to have helped @RachelTobin.

The forum here is extremely helpful and a great resource

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