Removing Data Visualization for filtered results when using Small Multiples

I am currently trying to use Small Multiples to display data. The dashboard we are building shows individual Associates production statistics . We want to remove an associate from being displayed on this dashboard after X amount of days from their start date as this dashboard is used to track production from the ramp up period upon completion of training. In order to do this we placed this in the Data Source:
if ($EndDate$ != null)
{ TimeSpan duration = new TimeSpan($DaysToRamp$+60, 0, 0, 0);
DateTime SpeedTime = $EndDate$.Add(duration);
if (SpeedTime >= $Start of Week$ && $StartDate$ <= $End of Week$)
return 1;
return 0;}
return 0;

With this code in place, I was able to apply a filter to the metric sets to to only show Associates who return 1. This has worked exactly as expected when in a table visualization, and completely removes the Associate from displaying. However, when using the Small Multiple to display this data as a bar graph, rather than removing the associate from the visualization, it just removes their data and leaves a blank space. Is there a way to remove the filtered data result completely? I have included an image of what the small multiple looks like when filtered.


Hi Jordan,

It is hard to tell without seeing how your small multiple is configured but when I mess around with the small multiples, the configuration determines the columns/rows repeated. Can’t imagine it’s much help but take a further look below and see if it helps your situation.

When setup like image 1 below I get the following in image 2 which contains blank spaces for the count label.

Image 1: image
Image 2: image

When setup like image 3 below my small multiple only returns records with data.

Image 3: image
Image 4: