Read SQL data through http or https


I have case where SQL communication is not with default port but it is with dynamic port. Is there any way to connect to SQL through https/https in Dundas BI?
Appreciate your reply.


Dundas BI supports many commonly used databases, such SQL server, Oracle, My SQL, etc. You can define some specific settings that are available based on choosing SQL Server:

You can also read more about that from the following support article:

My question is:
SQL Server connectivity uses default 1433 port however in my scenario we are using dynamic port communication to SQL server.
I assume that Dundas BI also communicates to SQL server connector using port 1433 only.
In this case can we expose Dundas BI SQL server connector using http/https instead of default 1433 port communication.

To connect to SQL Server, you can specify the port after comma in DataSource like this:


What if SQL communication port is dynamic and not fix?

So if the communication port is dynamic, enter your database server address as the data source without any port number and then do a test connection. If it does not connect you will get an error, can you copy and send the error?