re-ordering report groups

Hi, I’ve created one of my finest reports yet (in my opinion!). When sharing this with colleagues they have noticed (probably correctly) that the order of the content isn’t perfect.

I have 5 different ‘groups’ that contain repeating rows. I’ve spent quite a bit of time creating the report and the feedback I have is that the groups need to be ordered in a different way.

Do I have to delete the group that is in the wrong place, add a new group in the right place and then redesign? OR (as I’m hoping) there’s an easy way just to re-order the groups?

You would have to remove the groupings and re-add them. However, one thing you could do to accelerate this process is to promote the group level metric sets underneath the report in the Explore tab.


That way, these metric sets will now be under the Metric Sets folder like any other, so you can simply add a new grouping and use that metric set as the group metric set (as opposed to dragging in tables/cube dimensions one-by-one). You will need to rework the data labels underneath the grouping, but you can keep the previous grouping up while doing this for reference, then delete the previous grouping.

That’s a helpful response thanks - I’d forgotten about promoting things - that will help speed things along.