Publish from a project to My Project

I mistakenly created a metric set with a lot of calculated measures in Project A instead of My Project. Is there a way to publish back to My Project to have it there instead? I would then delete the version in Project A.

Thank you.

Hi Kelly - it’s a bit of a dance, but rather than publishing, you can simply move the items you want. If you click on “Explore Data” from the home screen you should get the Metric Set designer and allow you to use the “Explore” tool window on the right side of the screen. Using the black bar on the left-hand side of the screen, change the active project to “Project A”. Then find the metric set in the Explore window, right-click on it, and choose “Cut”. Now, select “My Project” as the active project. Finally, in the Explore window, right-click on the “Metric Sets” folder and select “Paste”.

Hope that helps,


Thank you, that worked perfectly!

This helped me for moving Data Cubes in the same way.

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