ProviderIds for File Exports

I am in the process of exporting data from the API. API allows us to export to excel, pdf, and possible other formats. I am currently exporting to PDF format with the following PDF providerId which is included in the Dundas SDK. Does anyone know what the providerId is for the Excel format, or possible Excel Csv file format.
I am primarily needing the Excel format, the filetype is not that critical at this point -it would be nice to have but not needed.

                    // PDF Exporter
                    providerId = "5752eb39-40b5-4d79-b96b-9f9297c67193",


If you use the JavaScript API, all of these IDs are stored as constants. Try this in your browser debugger and you will be able to find them.


Specifically you will be looking for:
dundas.constants.STANDARD_CSV_EXPORT_PROVIDER_ID - 07d7e096-ff2b-4da2-84a5-58b27fb67cdc
dundas.constants.STANDARD_EXCEL_EXPORT_PROVIDER_ID - 679e6337-48aa-4aa3-ad3d-db30ce943dc9
dundas.constants.STANDARD_PDF_EXPORT_PROVIDER_ID - 5752eb39-40b5-4d79-b96b-9f9297c67193
dundas.constants.STANDARD_IMAGE_EXPORT_PROVIDER_ID - 9a15b21e-fa9e-4ece-8b31-9e12f1c6134a
dundas.constants.STANDARD_POWERPOINT_EXPORT_PROVIDER_ID - b58d4c94-9f4f-4d38-800b-2b5d4d34862

With the delopper tools, you can match one UUID with the actual human readable constant:

for (d in dundas.constants) {if (“5752eb39-40b5-4d79-b96b-9f9297c67193”.toLowerCase() == String(dundas.constants[d]).toLowerCase()) {console.log(d + ": " + dundas.constants[d])}}

You can get the full list of names from the doc. If you want the full list name/UUID you can use something like this within the developer tools:

for (d in dundas.constants) { {console.log(d + ": " + dundas.constants[d])}}