Problem with numbers falling between states

I have states on a table but somehow numbers are between the different states and not falling into any of them

I have the following states.
State A is <= 4 AND >=3.65
State B is <= 3.64 AND >=3.45

The number I’m getting in the data is 3.6456. This is the average of the numbers in all the rows, and I’m displaying it to 2 decimal places - so it displays as 3.65.

As it’s less than 3.65 and more than 3.64 it doesn’t fall into either of the states. But I want to treat it as 3.65 because I’m rounding to 2 dp. I can’t put all possible decimal places into the state conditions either.

Am I missing something obvious? Or what could I do here?


Hey David,

State B could be corrected to something like: < 3.65 AND >= 3.45
This would get 3.6456 to fall within the range of State B.

To get 3.6456 to hit State A, since it’s being displayed as 3.65, you could introduce a formula to the Metric Set using the Math.Round() function. The formula would look like “Math.Round($measureToRound$, 2)”. This would then get 3.6456 to be 3.65 and fall within State A. Using this approach, you’d have to recreate the states to use the formula measure as the state measure instead of the original measure.


Thanks Mark - that should work.