PDF reduce size

It seems thah dundas createsi very huge PDF . Are there any parameters i can use to reduce DPI ?
Are there any configuration settings to alter PDF export behaviour?

Hi @gianbattista.schieppati,

Dundas BI uses the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) from Google to perform the exports. What happens is that Dundas BI generates a dashboard image of an appropriate size to create a ‘picture’ for export. CEF has a built-in DPI (96?) that is used and we simply take the paper size (from the export UI) and multiply it by 96 to get the size of the dashboard that is generated.

In short, @gianbattista.schieppati - most of this is internally controlled and the only thing that you can do to shrink it would be to lower the paper size.

Hi Gianbattista,

Have you check this for setting the size by script?

Best regards,
Olivier Romero