PDF printing issue

I have built report but somestime when i try to print it I get a blank pdf. what can explain this issue.thanks for your help.

@ange hi, there are a few things that you can check.
Are you exporting it through the user interface directly or through a script?
When this happens, if you open the browser’s developer tools console, are there any errors?
What version of Dundas BI is this?
Does this only happen on specific report?
How often does this happen since you mentioned it only happens sometimes.

Hi Jay, I exported through the user interface(chrome browser).
I use version.this situation happens once or two time by month;

Hi Ange,

Are there some view parameters (filters) connected to the report? If you have filters, then you can add the filters as labels to view if there are certain values of the filters that are resulting in blank report.
You can drag and drop the view parameters under as labels to a section that does not repeat and then test the report.