Passing the custom attribute as a parameter via query string

The article ‘Pass parameter values via query string’ indicates that custom attributes can be used as parameter values. Could you explain how that works? Is the value of the parameter being used instead of the custom attribute value for the user?

A custom attribute can be passed to a view parameter instead of a text value by enclosing the corresponding GUID with dollar ($) signs, as follows:


This means that the parameters value is now determine by the value of the custom attribute for each user instead of the text you type into the URL.

If your data cube is bound to a view parameter on the dashboard and you set its value to the custom attribute using scripts, then the value that will get passed to the data cube will be the custom attribute. However, if you alter the URL to try and set the parameter value that is also linked to the data cube parameter or your stored procedure, then the value that gets passed to the data cube could be either the custom attribute or the parameter value from the URL, depending on how things are setup on your dashboard and if there are any scripts on there that attempt to alter the view parameter values in any way.