Passing Parameters via URL seems to work but URL automatically changes to base

I’ve read the Dundas support article on Passing Parameters via URL

I’m passing my parameters and review of my data makes it seem like the parameters are being accepted by the URL but the URL autocorrects itself back to the base and obscures the parameter names and values.

1) Is this the expected behavior?

2) Is there a way to disable this? I can foresee, based on how we trouble shoot report issues now, that it will make troubleshooting errors with reports quite difficult.

I can understand why some might like this option, but I know wanting to see the URL parameters is something that will come up for us.

Rather than expected, this is intentional behavior.

Unfortunately, there is no way to change that at the moment. However, from what you have described, I think you should be able to see the passed parameters in the filter controls and view parameters on the report.

I’m not sure I understand what you are saying or perhaps you are not understanding me.

I built a report that will most likely and most commonly be used as a pdf. My users are not interested at this time in anything except seeing their reports so they can proceed with the work generated from said report.

Perhaps my method of building the report is different than what you are expecting but when I see stuff like the screenshot below (my results right now) even though I used a combination of filters I cannot even recall what filters I am testing unless I write them down.

There is no way my users will be able to tell me what their filters are because many times they will be accessing the report from links within buttons in our custom built CIS system.

Currently even if we have they trace back the steps how they got to the report, many times they cannot recall where in the process they were. Screenshots of page errors and URLS are what they tend to send to us now; URLS and the parameters we pass around in them on our intranet are invaluable to us to help trouble shoot when something goes wrong. I shall ask for a feature that allows us to KEEP URL parameters rather than obscure them.

Since the most common use is as PDF, if I understand you correctly, having the URLs show parameters will solve only a small portion of the issues.

Have you tried including this information in the body of the report? that way you will be able to see it regardless of the medium. For example, include all the view parameter labels in the footer of the report.