Passing parameter value to another parameter


Hoping that this is possible via scripting (played a bit with with scripting part) - I have a dimension (coming from OLAP) that is ‘role played dimension’…ie based on the same SQL table in data warehouse.

So on my default (landing) page I have my Payer dimension/default parameter set to something like this:

[Payer].[Payer Hierarchy].[Payer Parent].&[CIGNA]

On another layer/slide I’d like that default value of that parameter above or any time I change the parameter value on default/landing page to FILL IN the value (i.e. CIGNA above to my other Payer parameter/dimension on another layer/slide - so in the example above, on that other slide this is how the therapy payer would be filed in with a payer value from a default/landing page:

[Payer Therapy].[Payer Hierarchy].[Payer Parent].&[CIGNA]

Like I said my OLAP dimensions in example here (Payer and Therapy Payer) are both based on the SAME SQL dimension - which is joined to 2 different facts tables (i.e. once to PayerID and once to TherapyPayerID, so hence the 2 OLAP dimensions (see attached screenshots). The data in both OLAP role playing dimensions is the same (i.e. same payer values in both).

Hope this would be possible via scripting.

Thank you.



Hi Semir,

For layer A you need the default value of the parameter to be [Payer]. [Payer Hierarchy].[Payer Parent].&[CIGNA]. As soon as the user navigates to layer B, you want the default parameter to be [Payer Therapy]. [Payer Hierarchy].[Payer Parent].&[CIGNA] similar to the value based in Layer A. Assuming my understanding is correct you can solve this problem using scripting by modifying the view parameters API

  1. Create a view parameter in the dashboard
  2. When the user click on the button to change the layer A to B, add a script
  3. The script on a high level - a) Identify the view parameter, b) find the existing value in the view parameter (Layer A), c) assign the new value to the view parameter (the value that the user will see when Layer B loads)

Example to handle view parameters:

References for step 2 -
References for step 3 -|dundas|view|ViewParameter|_____0