Pass a view parameter value from one dashboard to another

Hi, I was wondering what is the best way to pass a parameter value from one dashboard to another?
I am currently doing so via query string, as explained here:

But is there a better way?

Many thanks in advance.


Hi Keiko,

I believe one way you can do is this is by setting up an action on your dashboard such as a click action.
Once you’ve chosen your action you can select set up parameters.
From there you can pass your source parameter to your target parameter.

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Yes this is correct, the easiest and most common way is to setup an action on the click action.

In this particular case probably the navigate action is what would be used which does let you map parameter values.

Thank you Derek and Terrence.
I looked at the suggested site [the navigate action] and did the exercise, managed to replicate the dashboards. In my project, I am using Menu Control on the template to navigate. In this case what can I do? There seem no options to set parameters, just Navigation Target, and the list of dashboards pops up to select one of them…but no parameters…

If I’m understanding correctly when you select your menu item and navigation target you don’t see an option to set parameters.

In this case even though it is duplicated navigations could you setup a click action to navigate on that bound visual and set your parameters in that click action?