Parsing URL characters

Looking to take out a number of characters before a certain web address.

I know this is possible in Tableau but curious if it is in Dundas…

Essentially the current web address I’m using is:

I’d like to make 5 separate URLs from this


Can you provide more information?

Where is address coming from, where are you using it etc. Is it in the data cube, on the dashboard or what?

Dundas script has standard .Net classes including Regex. This would definitely let you do what you want from eg. inside a cube.

Inside a dashboard, the same could be done with javascript but it sounds like more work to me.

So you have a long url like that in one of the columns, and you would like to parse it to the shortened example? You can use the string parsing features inside the calculated element in the data cube.

To create the calculated element:

The syntax is DundasScript, which is a scripting language and it supports some of the common c# classes, such as the string related. To view the list of supported standard .Net classes supported please visit: