Parametric Calculated Element

Hi, i have to create a data cube that have a calulated element that depends from a view parameter.
something like this:


I tried creating a calculated element in ETL like this:

if ($Customer$ ==$parameter_customer$) { return $Value$;} else {return 0;}
But i cannot create a view parameter defined on the $parameter_customer$

I tried creating directly in metric set but no clue about how to set the $parameter_customer$ from the dashboard.

Is it possible?
Thank You

You can do this on a formula within a metric set / visualisation. Have a look at placeholders on
This means you can set a formula which uses a placeholder to return a value for each row in the metric set. You can then use any filter control on the dashboard to set and change the value of this placeholder. When you wire up the filter control, you will see that the metric set now has the placeholder as one of the measures to connect the filter to.
If you need to do this at the data cube level, I believe this is possible, but I’ve never done it myself.