Parameter Export for Excel

When exporting a dashboard with the share functionality to Excel, I notice that if you export the parameters with the dashboard, these parameters are not the actual selected values but the defaults for the dashboard.

Is there a way to change this to the current selection?

Hi Patrick,

Can you please let me know what version of Dundas BI you are using to export the dashboard to excel?
I tried in Dundas BI and the dashboard does export with the selected parameters values and not with the default once.

Are you trying to export using a script? Or it would be great if you can provide some additional information about your use case.


Hi Pankaj,

Thank you for reaching out. I am currently using

I am not using a script to export the excel file, I am simply clicking share, export sortable dates, and include parameter settings. Issue seems to be with dates only.


Date range has been set for the year 2024


Not 100% why two date ranges are exported in the parameters but both come out as “Current Year”. Other Parameters look correct however.


Hello Pankaj,

I think while troubleshooting the issue for your request I was able to find what happened. It looks like when the analyst built the dashboard, more than 1 date parameter became associated with the date filter. When I deleted both parameters and re-created one single date parameter, the date comes in as I would expect.


Along these lines, is there any way to get it to just export the dates without the time stamp or is this always the default?