Only show columns which have values

I have a dataset with Area, Property_Type and Area_Band hierarchies. The Area_Band hierarchy varies as per the Property_Type hierarchy. For example, if Property_Type is Plot then Area_Band will have acres range such as 0-10 acres, 11-100 acres etc. and if Property_Type is House then Area_Band will have sq ft range such as 0-1000 sq ft, 1001-10000 sq ft.
Now, I need to tabulate sales for each Property_Type on a separate page for every Area, under the respective Area_Band. So, I have created a Grouped Metric set in a report where the Property_Type is the grouped hierarchy. And the Area_Band hierarchy is under Columns as you can see below.image
The issue is that how do I make sure to display only the Area_Band columns respective to the Property_Type. As of now, even if the Property_Type is House, I can see the Area_Band columns for Sq Ft as well as Acres range even though the Acres range Columns have NULL values.

Hi Ravi,

Can you get your desired outcome using multiple metric sets on a single chart? There is an option of which many people are not aware where you can add several metric sets to a single visualization.


If you did something like this, you could construct a chart for filtered version of the same data. IE. One for ‘house’, one for others.

If the multiple metric sets in itself isn’t enough to structure what you want, you might want to look into the formula visualization which will allow you to bring together disparate selections of data too.

Ultimately, i’m not completely clear on your visualization goal but these two areas of the metric set should give you more control.

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