Numeric filter which should work on dimention column

Hi Team

I need to implement a numeric filter (REVENUE) which should pull the corresponding values from a dimension column (Order Number , which is not unique) and then entire dashboard should filter data corresponding to the order number which fall in the range of revenue.
FOR e.g.

Revenue check box filter should have following values:
101- 250K
Now when user selects 0-50K range then all the sales order number corresponding to the revenue range of 0-50K should be selected and the entire dashboard should show revenue only for the order numbers corresponding to selected range.

Note : There can be multiple transactions with revenue less than 50K but when it is summarized at the dashboard at a particular level (e.g. country or region) then summarized (overall) revenue can go well beyond 50K to millions. depending on number of transactions

so basically 2 things are required.
Creating the numeric filter which is range bound as shown above with check boxes.

and second i need to make sure order number is considered only for the selected range and entire dashboard should be filtered and show data/revenue only for the order number belonging to the selected revenue range.

Aditya Dave

@adityadave hi Aditya,
The checkboxes do not filter based a range of numbers directly, but you can use a script to do it. The idea is, based on the exact option user selected, you would pass a value to the .parameterValue.lowerBoundaryValue and .parameterValue.upperBoundaryValue of the numeric field’s view parameter/or filter to set its range.

The exact script example can be found from below support documentation, you would just need to add a part that checks which item user picked from a checkbox:

About the second part regarding filter for the dimension, you would just link a standard value filter to the dimension to the same data control. No scripting needed for this part.


Hi Jay

Thanks for the response . On the second part Can you elaborate how can I link the standard value filter with the dimension because When i created numeric filter for revenue it does not allow me to add any dimension, Only measures columns are available.

Remember … I do not want to create separate order number filter for the user. I want my numeric filter to filter the corresponding order number which in turn should filter my entire dashboard.