Nested Data Cube DistinctCount Bug

Take a Data Cube with all the fields and nest it inside another Data Cube. Set an int measure to DistinctCount. That int measure’s distinct count value is now always 1. For some reason the distinct count aggregator does not work with nested cubes, but the other aggregators do.

Here is the Process Result statistics of my final data cube testing example.

SUM – 237,555,426
AVG – 6,128.56
MIN – 5,978
MAX – 6,239

The DistinctCount aggregator itself must be bugged with the nested data cube, because when you use this Data Cube in a fresh metric set the distinctcount is not 262, it is 1.

Am I just missing a limitation that is known with nested data cubes, some sort of nested caching issue, or is this a bug?

Hi Dante,

Distinct Count aggregates the amount of unique records for a certain group. For example, if you have a table that contains 4 rows:

Europe - A
Europe - A
Europe - B
North America - A

When you group by the continent and set the Distinct Count on the other column, your process result will be:

Europe - 2
North America - 1

What is your use case for the Distinct Count aggregation?

I am just trying to get the count of Distinct values correctly shown above by the aggregator in the statistics block I posted. There are 262 DISTINCT values in the table on the field I am looking at. When a data cube is nested inside another data cube, the 262 distinct values become just 1 when accessed from a metric set.

Edit: @ilya.garbouz Here is a public shareable exact example of the issue:

@dante Could you please send an email to Your export file is not connecting to the original sheet