Need to show total of few columns in table visulisation

Hi Team ,

I need to show the total in table visulisation for few columns at the top. I know i can create formula visulisation but how i can arrange it exactly at the top of the table and will it show fine in the export? is there any alternative?

Can anyone please help?

Hi Mitsu,

You can make use of the following components to get the grand total (Formula viz.) on top of the table:

  1. Using Template Grid: In the dashboard you can create template grids that align the table and the formula viz accordingly. Here is a sample screenshot:


  1. You can make use of the ‘Auto Fit Columns’ property under Table Properties so that the width of the table remains the same

If you have the table and formula viz in the dashboard you can export them in Excel by using Share-> Export option. Since the grand total is in a formula viz it will be exported into a separate sheet. You can make use of macro to manipulate the sheet rows.

You can read more about table visualizations at For template grid you can view the video at

Hi ,

The question is how can we use macros at dundas level so that it generates the manipulated sheets automatically ? Please provide some guidance , or documentation to refer.@kv1

Please find the attached pdf. Thanks
Display Totals.pdf (323.7 KB)