Navigating to a different dashboard from a scorecard

I have created a scorecard, which will show a list of KPIs. I have also created separate dashboards for each KPI that are contained in separate projects in Dundas BI. I would like to be able to click on a KPI name on the scorecard and be taken to the project for that KPI, however I am not sure how to achieve this.

The basic process for setting up an interaction on the scorecard is the same as on a dashboard. Select the element on the scorecard and either use the Set Up Interactions option on the toolbar or context menu, or use the hamburger menu under a specific action on the Properties panel. For more details, please read the article on Using Interactions with Controls.

For your specific example, you will have to create a script interaction on the Click action. Please follow the article on how to Trigger different dashboards when a hierarchy is clicked for the bulk of the process. The only difference will have to be in how you define the variable values. For example, to use the friendly name of the data label replace the existing var line with:

var values = this.friendlyName;

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I want to enable Naviagation in table, only when there is value in 3 columns. If any of 3 has null, then don;t show Navigation link and don’t navigate…Is it possible?
As shown in below screenshot, for first row it should not show ‘Set as Golden Batch’ option.
Is it possible?

Hi @prashant,

An easy way to do this would be with a script. Check the values of your three fields and then hide accordingly.

check with:
dataLabel1.metricSetBindings[0].dataResult.cellset.columns[0].members.values[0] <= everything should be roughly in this section of the API depending on the way you structured your metric set.

yourcontrol.opacity = 0;