Navigate to a URL not showing set up parameters

i cant find the option to set up the parameters of the navigate to url navigation

@gianbattista.schieppatithat's interesting, it could be a browser display issue. Can you check the browser is zoomed with default 100%? Otherwise can you try it in a different browser?

Hello @gianbattista.schieppati,

You can also use the script from below:

var myURL = ā€œhttp://your-instance-name/Dashboard/dashboardID?e=false&vo=viewonlyā€;
// navigation object

var navigation = new dundas.view.NavigateAction(); 
// opens the target in the same window; use NEW_WINDOW to open it in a new window
navigation.actionTarget = dundas.view.ActionTarget.NEW_WINDOW;
// specifies that it will navigate to a URL
navigation.navigateType = dundas.view.DataActionNavigateType.URL; 
// URL for another dashboard, change it to your own dashboard URL 

navigation.targetUrl = myURL 
        +"&$vpParameter1="+ table24.metricSetBindings[0].dataResult.cellset.rows[0].members[1].compatibleUniqueName

+"&$vpPrameter2=" + table24.metricSetBindings[0].dataResult.cellset.rows[0].members[0].compatibleUniqueName
+"&$vpPrameter3=" + table24.metricSetBindings[0].dataResult.cellset.rows[0].members[2].compatibleUniqueName;
navigation.execute(new dundas.view.ActionEventArgs());

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Hi @costin.manea,

Iā€™m trying your code but it is not working. Is there any point that I missed?

Thanks for your reply in advande

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Hi @fatih.dag ,
The option should show in user interface, have you tried from a different browser? For further help can you send an email request to, then we can schedule a meeting to take a look at the issue. There is no need for scripting unless there is a reason to do so.


hi, i found that the parameters is not showing if i try to set up the interaction from a button.
It works on a table.
How to call a url from a button passing a parameters as get parameter?

hi, buttons do not have such option, since there are no data in a button and therefore no parameter mapping from the button. You need a data visualization such as a table, then setup click action on it for parameter mapping.

I understand, but it is a strange behavior since with the same button I can navigate to a report or a dashboard by passing the parameters of active filters

Hello @fatih.dag,

The script should work fine. You have to map your instance name, dashboard and parameters (if there are some parameters used for navigation). Also, you can add a debugger (debugger;) at the beginning of the script in order to check how the script is working.