Modifying data from external source in cube.

Hi there!

I am pulling some state covid testing data into Dundas with a Python transform, and want to calculate a rolling 7 day avg for the data. I have calculated this internally in SQL Server for our own data using something including -

, AVG(DailySum) OVER (ORDER BY [CreateDate]


and want to do something like this with the State data, which includes :

I looked at the moving average formula in Dundas but I don’t want a specified number of periods but for each period to be 7 days for an ongoing period of time. I would like to create a calculated element to create a new column which adds the new_positives from test_date to the new_positives from the 6 days leading up to it and then divide by 7 to create a rolling avg… but am struggling with figuring out how to do this.

I’ve been scouring for solutions to this in C# and am just stuck, does anyone have any ideas ?

Why isn’t Moving Average with a 7 value for the periods parameter appropriate?

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