Metric set values double when copied in dashboard

Hi everyone,
I’m building a dashboard that requires a lot of table/metric set visualizations displayed in a single view.
each table is identical in its measures, but have can have different slicer values or different row row dimensions or different formatting (or all 3), meaning I need 40+ different tables displayed (business requirement, don’t ask)

I built them by creating 1 table with the measures needed, and copied and pasted it as much as needed.

when I copied it for the nth time (40), it kept the formatting but be measure values doubled from the table copied. deleting all dimensions and slicers made no difference, all measures were doubled

Building another metric set rather than copying one on same and different layer yielded the same result.


Has this been observed before?

Appreciate any help

Hi Xavier,

Hard to comment on this one as i’ve never witnessed something like this. The visualizations would only be doubled if you did something to do this like creating formula to do this. Data issues are taken very seriously, i would recommend reaching out to support to see if they can help you get to the bottom of this.

user error (mine).

Good to Hear Xavier.