Meet Your "Cube" Team

Hi Everyone,

Well… working remotely over these past several weeks has taught us one thing… we can all work together and support each other from no matter which location we’re in!

Our goal with The Cube has always been to create an amazing community where all users can help each other, build their knowledge of Dundas BI and have a little fun along the way. I am constantly amazed by the joyful participation and the support our community gives one another when they have questions on use cases or features.

While this program has blossomed well beyond our early expectations, we’re just getting started. We expect The Cube to continue to grow and expand to even more of our customers as Dundas grows too. We’ve reached a point where there’s simply too much for one person to handle. So, to propel The Cube into the stratosphere and give you the support you need to succeed, we’re making some changes to how things are managed.

Moving forward we will have a team of resources helping grow and support this program:

Remember Jordan? If you’ve been in The Cube for a few years now, then you probably do. Jordan was your “go-to-guy” when we started The Cube almost 4 years ago (yes can you believe it has been 4 years since we started this journey!). He knows a thing or two about building communities and we’re tapping him for insight.

How about Jeff (of Off the Charts video fame)? He will continue to be your eye-in-the-sky (err… user forums) and is watching those discussions like a hawk. He’s quick to respond and will provide some great tips and product intel that we continuously get requests for.

And me – Lynda! While I have been at Dundas for over 5 years, I am usually behind the scenes. But what better way to get to know all of you than by jumping right in and having fun alongside our amazing customers. I’ll be helping to take this program to the next level.

Over the next few months, we will be planning out some new things in The Cube so stay connected for more details.

Let us know what we can do to make The Cube a better experience for you. What would you like to see?

Send your inquiries and suggestions to us at:

See you in The Cube soon.

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Hi Lynda

Nice to meet you. Wishing you and all the team much success.

I would also give a special mention to the other members of the support and r&d teams who jump in and answer questions too. There are many of them, so I’m not going to list names as I’ll inevitably miss someone out, but all of your posts are extremely welcome - there’s nothing like hearing from the people who know the product the best.

Is Arthur staying around too?

Best wishes to all in the cube

Thanks David - Yes! We have an entire team here that are always eager to help and jump in - including our R&D team and Support. We’re very lucky to have such a solid team. Thanks to you as well for all of the tips and support you give to our customers. It’s appreciated.