Limit data shown to that of person viewing dashboard

How does Dundas identify the user viewing a dashboard?

More specifically, I want to set up a filter user the Active Directory username. $username$ is available in the data I’m using to build my dashboards, and I want to create a filter so that the user viewing the dashboards is only able to see his/her data.

I’m coming from the Tableau world, where there was a function called Username() that returned the Active Directory username of the person viewing the dashboard.


Hi Thomas,

To achieve this you may use custom attributes to filter data by user. This article below, walks you through the steps on how to set this up:

Also, at a higher level, you may use custom attributes with security hierarchies instead of a transform parameter to take advantage of warehouse or in-memory storage and avoid other limitations with lower-level filtering.

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Thanks Azar, that’s exactly what we needed!