Left axis scale is not auto-adjusting in some copies

I have created a report having a metric set showing Average Prices and Median Prices for different departments. The Average Price is a formula calculated from 2 other measures Total Sales and Number of Sales (but, these are not marked Visible in the metric set).

Now, when I goto Sandbox View mode, for some departments, the metric set bar chart height is adjusted automatically (1st bar chart below) but for some departments it is shown with very tiny bars (2nd bar chart below).

I have also attached screenshots of the left axis settings I have.

I also have other metric bar charts for other parameters with the same settings in the report and none of them have this issue

Image title

Image title

Usually this happens when you have shared scales with the copies. Based on your screenshots, the setting is right for the left axis.

Do you have nested groups in the scorecard? Can you attach the screenshot of the scorecard designer? What version of Dundas BI do you currently use?

If you are using version 5, there's another property "Only Share Scales In Same Grouping"that you may want to check and make sure it's unchecked. You can find this property under the Main tab. Image title

Thanks for your reply, Sandy.

Yes, it shouldn't happen for me as I haven't shared left axis scale with copies.

It is a report not a scorecard. Yes, I have nested groups. First grouping by Area. Subsequent child grouping by Area, Municipality and a further child grouping by Area, Municipality, Community. I am sorry but, Can you please help me understand what you mean by the screenshot of the designer? I am using version

I looked up and the property "Only Share Scales In Same Grouping" is also unchecked.

I was not able to replicate this issue on my end with all the above information provided. In order to further investigate this issue, I would need to take a look at the complete setup. If possible, could you please send us the export file of your project to Support@dundas.com.

You can refer to the following article for details on exporting a project: