Landing Page when session log out - Iframe

Dear Community,

I embedded dashboards inside our platform via Iframe.

we use multi-tenant and each client has a different tenant.

My intention is to redirect my customers to a landing page when the session timeout is over.

I have several questions:

How can I redirect my clients when their session timeout (I have a session timeout of 15 minutes) to a landing page(custom by my design team)?

***we use the logon token ID inside the DIV element.

the link that we used for implementing the dashboard.

For a future implementation:

I saw in the Config section there is an option for custom logon URL.

In the notes section inside the documentation, there is a reference to do custom logon for each of my tenants.

how it can be done? it’s mean I can customize each login page for each of my tenants?

where on the tenant’s configuration it’s can be set?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Aviv,

Just adding some extra info for anyone interested.

There is a property in the Dundas BI config (under advanced) called “Custom Logon URL”. If you define a custom logon URL, any user who accesses the login page (Logged out, idea time-out or re-direction) will be sent here instead. If the original logon page is needed at some point, it can still be accessed without changing this setting by appending ?doNotForward=true to the /Logon/ URL.

Also probably relevant - here is how you can include a logout button and control the redirection.
Sample Code:

//Get WebAppService and call logoff.
//when complete, redirect.


//force reload

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Now for each of your tenants - i need to look into this for you…

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I didn’t realize that we did this, interesting…

  • When working with Multi-Tenancy, the Tenant ID can be appended to the query string (for example, Furthermore, when a tenant user is logged on, the Tenant ID is appended to the query string automatically. This means the target page can be set up to redirect or re-brand for the page for each tenant based on the Tenant ID.

To use this, you would need to create your own page that then reads this custom tenantId from the querystring and then reacts accordingly. The method to do this will depend on the type of page you’re redirecting to.

For example C# ASP.NET would be something like this:
string tenantId = Request.QueryString[“param”];

For JavaScript HTML would be something like this:
Some good methods are posted here.

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Dear Jeff,
Thanks a lot for the quick response, it helps me a lot.
we are going to implement this on production.
in the meantime, I have a question about the Custom Logon URL.
when I’m inserting the URL it’s changed for everyone - but I don’t want it to change to my user - system admin, there is an option to not include some users in the Custom URL?

I tried it on my DEV environment, it worked fine.
I inserted the " ?doNotForward=true " and then it’s got back to the Dundas screen.

the implementation will be in a few weeks, so if I have a question I will write to you.
Thanks for the help!

Hi @aviv,

“?doNotForward=true” will certainly work but if you’d like it to be a bit more automatic, you’ll need to add some code your new home page that will detect certain users (you) and redirect appropriately.

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Hi @jeff,
There is an option for viewing from Dundas certain account or only tenants?
I mean to extract the account ID for the script?

If you’re on any page in Dundas BI, you can access the account ID from dundas.context.currentSession.accountId with lots of information in dundas.context.currentSession.*

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