Keep values if they not exist

(Octavian Popescu) #1

Hi guys,

I have the following situation above:

I have a date and a country filter on the dashboard.
What I would like is to keep all the Zones shown, independent of the filter selection.
Basically if the zone is not in the selected period, it will not display, which is logic. But I would like to always show all the zones and show them with zero if they not exist in the respective country or data range.
There is a way to do this with text labels and individual data bars for each zone, but then I cannot sort by the measure anymore.
In this visualization I have used a table with 6 columns.

Any idea without generating new data?

Thank you!

(David Glickman) #2

Is the zone a hierarchy?

Create a zone hierarchy with all the values in, and apply it to the zone in the chart. I believe that should make all the zones appear even if there is no data.

To get it to show 0, you can use the null data properties in the zone hierarchy in the data analysis panel of the chart.

(Ariel Pohoryles) #3

As @david.glickman mentioned, you can simply use the option to handle missing data points. In your case, simply set the missing data points rule to zero and should start seeing missing zones with the value of zero next to them.

(Octavian Popescu) #4

Thank you! It works just fine!