Is there any way to tag dashboards with google analytics?

I want to track what my users are doing on the dashboards, which charts they interact with the most, how much time they stay on the page, which filters they interact with. Is there anyway to either see the usage data via the admin screen or tag the dashboards (or my instance of Dundas) with google analytics? Has anyone experimented with it?


Dundas BI offers a built-in usage tracking engine that allows you to see which users are using which dashboard/report, how long they spent on each dashboard/report, when was the last time they logged into the system, how much self-served data discovery they are doing and more. This information is easily accessible to you from the usage tracking dashboard that is often deployed during the installation. If you are an admin, you should have access to it (simply search for usage tracking from the left menu search bar). If you choose not to deploy it during the installation, you can always add it directly from the Dundas BI deployment center as detailed here.

Note there is a way to integrate with Google Analytics as well but I don’t think you’ll need that once you start using the usage tracking.