In Metricset, how to avoid a hierarchy between two columns

When building a MetricSet, I have two columns which actually represent two attributes of the same data (so that’s not really a hierarchy).

Here below, column A is the name of an entity, and column B is the data of that entity.
Therefore there is no one-to-many relationship.

I would like to be able to simplify the Metricset so that, the column B doesn’t show multiple cells ((All), …) for each row of column A.

Is there a way to do that?

Hi Matthieu,

Is this Column B is a hierarchical column? Can you change the column B “shown Totals” property into “No Totals”. Please see this link for your reference

Let me know how it goes ?

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Thanks Denil, with the hints you provided I have now a correct metric set.

I have hower redundancy in the associated Dashboard:

Metric Set:
Everything seems correct here

How can I avoid to have a repetition of the same Vehicle Dock Date for a specific Vehicle Name

Hi Matthieu,

In this table each date value having any corresponding value ? also can you check the “Collapse All” option in the " Vehicle Dock Date" settings . Please let me know if this work for you

Hi Denil, thanks for your answer,

In this table, each vehicle as only 1 dock date.

I tried the collapse all option, but then it shows in the dashboard like that:

My goal would be to display only once the vehicle name/dock date for each groups of sub-elements of the hierarchy.

Hi Matthieu,

Are you able to provide the sample data set of this table . You can just export as an excel and you can send to I wanted to take a look into the data prospective