In memory/ warehouse cubes

(Costin Manea) #1

Hi Guys,
a. Issues:
sometimes the loading of data in the dashboard is slower when building the cubes in memory or warehouse
even the in memory job is finalized in 0.1 second (done – run to completion) the updated data are shown in the dashboard only after several minutes
b. Sample:
I have a small cube (10-20 rows) and we put it in memory. Inside dashboard we have a text editor. This cube stores text from editor. When the save button (has the script to put data cube in memory on click event) is pressed, text must be saved in data cube. In “Jobs” our cube enter in memory instantly but after 5-10 minutes information is updated in dashboard
c. Questions:
What task are performed when building a cube in memory or warehouse?
Can you describe the process?

(Wayne) #2

You’re just seeing what’s in the cache, i.e. so there’s a delay before you see the update. Just use the Bypass Data Cache setting in the metric set to get real-time results. Also, you need to refreshAllAdapters for one of the parameters connected to the chart(s) in question, i.e. just the act of saving data refresh the affected chart(s).

(Ariel Pohoryles) #3

@wayne is correct - you can read more about the caching and how to disable it under this support article

(Costin Manea) #4

You’re right @wayne! Thank you! The cache was the problem. I had to clean the cache from browser. The “Bypass Data Cache” option was activated from the beginning.

(Costin Manea) #5

Thank you @ariel.pohoryles.1! Dundas articles are very useful.