iframe in Safari and third party cookies

We have just started using Dundas BI, having migrated from Dundas Dashboard.

Using Dundas Dashboard:

We found that when we embedded a dashboard via an iframe into another site, we ran into issues when viewed in Safari. The dashboard within the iframe was trying to set cookies and these were third party relative to the hosting site and so Safari did not allow this. The result; no log in possible.

We have a workaround to load a dashboard in a separate tab the first time the device is used. This set a Dundas cookie, and then the dashboard in the iframe could use this cookie to log in.

Dundas BI:

Has anyone run into this issue with BI? Is it not an issue or is there a workaround?


Hi David,

Have a look at this article Using the Dundas BI embed library



Hi David,

This sholdn't be an issue in Dundas BI (make sure you use CORS if needed). Let us know if you run into any issue.