I hyperlinked a document in a table and want something else

I hyperlinked a document URL to a row in a table. In sandbox view every time I click on the hyperlink it downloads the file. Is it possible that if someone clicks on it the file is downloaded and views itself in a new tab of the browser instead of just downloading?

What happens when you hit that link directly in browser (not from Dundas)? Does it open the document in view mode or download it?

It downloads the file directly

I think this sort of behaviour is dependant on the browser/computer settings, and not on the webpage.

So this can not be done using Dundas?

Can you try with a different browser or on another machine?

same result tried with a different machine and browser. the file is downloaded by the browser.

I believe this might also depend on how the link was created for the server delivering the file. I am not sure if that behavior can be overridden by changing browser settings. Even if it can be done, it will be that browser specific - not for all the users navigating to the link from their systems. You can use the link in a word document and test what happens.

Even in the word file the action is same.

Actually, it should be the same because any way it opens the browser. But I guess it depends on the link itself and as suggested, you can try changing browser settings.