How Yulista Slashed Their Budgeting Time from 2 Weeks to 2 Hours

Hey Dundas VIPs, we’ve got a brand new case study to share with you all! We’re excited to share the story of Yulista Holding, LLC and Cube VIP, @james.davis and how they managed to slash budgeting time from 2 weeks to 2 hours.

In this case study, we learn how Yulista harnessed the powers of built-in functionality, adaptive data flows, and fully open APIs to move beyond Excel for their reporting. With Dundas BI, Yulista was able to shed the confines of Excel to unlock the data insights they needed.

James Davis is a System Architect at Yulista Holding, LLC, located in Huntsville, Alabama.

Click here to read the full case study and leave any questions or comments for James below!

Nice job @james.davis.
Somehow you’ve managed to stay in the background - I didn’t see any quotes from you at all!

I wanted all my quotes to be from the users and how it helped them.

Dundas BI is definitely helpful in cutting down the wait times and giving flexibility to the users to make any changes or updates on the fly!

Actually having what I made him to look at past spending was what cut the time down. I am not sure what he was doing before to hunt down what he had spent to make a new budget but what I mad him had it all at is finger tips with ease click and drill downs to detail info.

Good read, and some great examples of the power of Dundas BI

Great job! It is a great inspiration on how to use a tool to save money. :slight_smile:

The dashboard used for proposing better data for hiring employee is unique application.
Great Case Study.

Great case study ! nails the Dundas advantages.

Very exciting case study - thanks for sharing!

Nice job
It is great to so such acheivement

I hope you all know that Jordan wrote that and not me LOL

Well done James. I smiled the most when you said sometimes you were just given a drawing and asked to replicate through Dundas BI. It sounded so familiar…

When that happens we got to think ok this is how that person wants to answer their questions, so that will best for that situation. I did how ever find a question that wasn’t being asked and gave them an answer for it. the person was pleasantly surprised and smiled when they saw the tree map i made to answer that question.

Great work @james.davis! Dundas BI Rocks:)

Great work @james.davis!

Excellent work! Definitely some food for thought in there.

Dundas BI powerfull BI tools great HIM.
Nice tip.

Well done. Interesting study.

Wow, sounds like a pretty solid ROI on this implementation.