How Voice Controlled Analytics Can Drive Powerful Insight 10x Faster

Hey everyone!

It's my pleasure to let you know that our close friends/partners/Cube VIPs Samantha Fulton & Wayne Williams of Profunda Analytics, have collaborated with us to bring you another new case study!

Or should I say case study (video!).

Within this video, Samantha and Wayne express how they've leveraged the extensible Dundas BI platform to create a voice-driven analytics system. A system that empowers anyone to interact with BI systems in the way that their human mind works.

Their system deals with treatment efficacy, causal relationships, behavioral analytics, text mining and more, while simultaneously focusing on self-service analytics and its streams that include training, architectural design and online support.

CLICK HERE to view the case study video

Samantha Fulton is the CEO at Profunda Analytics

Wayne Williams is the CTO at Profunda Analytics

After viewing the case study video, feel free to leave any questions or comments for Samantha and Wayne!

Amazing case study

How does this tie into Dundas Security attributes? What is we want low level managers to use this to see production data but they can not see salary data or another divisions data? I can do that now but how easily is that intergated with these voice controlls?

Cool stuff! It's amazing what you can do in Dundas BI if you have the imagination and skills.

Unbelievable, what is possible - Fantastic job done!

I'm sure the devil's in the details. At minimum, you are using a library of commands that link to packaged dashboards? Way out of the box!

This is a truely fantastic case study and really leverages the powers of each individual technology. It is also a very good example of what can be achieved by combining technologies to provide a single solution. Superb!

Indeed and the team at profunda analytics customized Dundas BI to a high degree to achieve this kind of solution. The nice thing about their solution is that it was done in a rather generic way so it can enable a deployment on other cases without having to package all the dashboards upfront. You can see more details about it under this webinar. If you still have questions in regards to the solution and how it could work in other cases we are happy to introduce you directly to the profunda team.

The solution can respect the users permissions as well, similar to how you would configure it if it wasn't controlled via voice. The voice control will serve as a better mean to navigate through your data but it will still do so on what the user can or cannot access.