How to view what cube a visualization is connected to?

Once a dashboard is finished being built and the previously developer moves onto their next job leaving you with whatever dashboards they may have created to support. The needs to reopen a dashboard and troubleshoot a specific element/visualization is inevitable. When that time comes though I’m finding it quite difficult to identify what cube or item a given element is tied to. Anyways of doing this?

You can always use the show dependencies option on your metric sets or dashboards to see where things come from.

  1. Right click on the dashboard and go to properties
  2. Click on References
  3. Use ‘Show Recursive References’ to see the references of your references

You can see in my example that my dashboard doesn’t use any data cubes

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If you are on a dashboard level, you can go to the data analysis panel and click the ‘edit’ button (the pencil thingy) next to the metric set name.

You can look in ‘metric set full name’ and ‘analysis structure full name’ fields to see the full path and name of those feeding the visualisation. Use your mouse as if to drag over and highlight the text to make the field scroll along.


Thank you both. In this case the Answer from David Glickman was what I was after. Thank you both again!

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Happy to have been of assistance!