How to invalidate cube cache

TL;DR: how can I invalidate the cache of one cube?

Long version:

I want to send a few notifications, based on one data set. The issue is that the number of notification depends on the data set, and I do not know in advance how many will be set. Dundas cannot handle this out of the box.

I worked around the problem by defining 1 cube and 1 notification. The cube reads its data from Postgres and sends 1 export. Outside Dundas, In Python, I wrote this kind of script using the rest API:

alldata = get_all_data()
for d in alldata:

In short, the cube and notification do not change, the underlying data does.

It works very nicely but for one issue: Dundas caches the data it receives from the cube. So my question is: how can I either invalidate the cache, either configure the cube (or metric set, or dashboard) to not use the cache?

I found this call /Admin/Clear/ to clear cache, but I can only invalidate all cubes or none, I cannot select one specific cube.


I believe that updating the last modified time of the data cube should do the trick.

You can do it with the “touch” API

Thanks - I was a bit hesitant to do an actual change to the cube. Last modified time is a useful metadata to have, but I think it will work better than my previous attempt which was doing a checkout/undocheckout. This works fine, but the cube has to not already be checked out.