How to import data from web page in dundas BI


Is there any way to Import data from web page through Data connector in Dundas BI?
because I want to collaborate day to day Covid19 data in our dashboard and here it is web page URL:

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello @jatin,

For this scenario you have to create a stored procedure and an excel import extension.
If you would like to import an excel file from the dashboard interface first you have to setup an excel extension using the HTML label. The extension(javascript) must be placed inside Dundas Scripts folder and after this you will “call” it in the HTLM label.
Here you can have several options which are dependent on the extension: the excel file could be parsed in a JSON or can be uploaded completely on the SQL Server side. The stored procedure is taking the data from the interface and is uploading these data in a specific table. Also, using the stored procedure you can parse the excel file(JSON option).
Another option could be the following: the dashboard can be embedded in another website. This website should contain a module(C#) which is manipulating the excel file from the dashboard side.

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In Web page there is one .csv file that simply I want to import and collaborate in dashboard. Also if do you have any idea how we will connect through Data connector so i can refresh easily.

Otherwise better to create web service and push data into database.

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you might try python + pandas for this. Create a cube and utilize the python data generator with this code -

import pandas as pd
url = ''
data = pd.read_csv(url)
return data

make sure you have pandas and python installed on your dundas server and its no problem. There is an article floating around the KB for that.


Did any of these solutions end up being utilized @jatin.solanki ? or is anyone else? We are getting set up to import local Covid19 data into Dundas and wondering if anyone has found a method they really love too.