How to hide indicators on the dashboard when selecting an object on the filter

The dashboard has a filter for selecting objects (more than 40).
When choosing several (about 10), it is necessary to hide charts and tables with data that are available on the dashboard, which are not available for these objects. Is this only possible with a script? If so, could you please send us an example of such a filter?

Hi, when there is no data, those visualizations can be hidden by adding Show-Hide/ChangeLayer interaction in No Data event of the visualization. You can show/hide controls by editing the inetarction added. Reference:

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This solution does not fit this task.
Is such a scenario possible, where elements are hidden by selecting values in the filter on the dashboard.


I am not sure about your exact requirements but if you need to hide certain charts/tables based on the value selected in filter control, you can add a script in ParameterValueChanged event of the filter. In that script, access the selected values in the viewParameter connected and hide visualizations based on them - something like below. You should check the unique names of filter member values by expanding the filter in dashboard view mode, hover on one of the member values and observe the tooltip text:

var vp = this.parentView.control.getViewParameterByName("<name of viewParameter>");
// for one value selected
if (vp.parameterValue.values[0].uniqueName == ‘unique names of selected members’){
table1.hidden = true;

Additionally, this might help if you want to log the viewparameter properties in console and validate things:


Hello, Upasana Biswas.
Thank you, the script and the article helped us.

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