How to Get Application Notifications in Dundas BI (Video Tip)

This is an administrative best practice to help increase your Dundas BI deployment security. Generally, you want to disable any built-in accounts as they are a known vector for a potential attack from a malicious source. Specifically, Dundas BI has an ‘admin’ account from the installation and should be disabled as a best practice. The problem is that certain health notification functions in Dundas BI rely on this account and will cause you to miss potentially critical information about the status of Dundas BI. This tip will show you how to use the new Maintainer Email property.

If you’d like to learn more, I’d recommend you go to my learning channel - Off the Charts (with Jeff).


Thanks, Jeff! Is there an article about disabling the admin account? I’d like to send it to my sysadmin.

Hi @ken,

I’m not aware of any article specifically on this but it’s pretty straightforward to do.

  1. Create a new user(s), add them to the Systems Administrators group
  2. Disable the original.
  3. Enjoy?

It’s mentioned here:

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