How to create a mobile dashboard

Hi just wondering if anyone has any tips on creating a mobile dashboard. (format, resizing esc.)

The big recommendation from Dundas is to use responsive mode combined with a template grid. Make use of the grouping and title bar toggle. I am still struggling a little bit with have a dashboard look good on both mobile and desktop. If I make one that’s usable on both, it looks mediocre on both, as opposed to making one for mobile and one for desktop.

I concur with Christopher. I use Scale mode on my desktop, which generally means that a dashboard will work well on tablets, too. But I make a separate version for phones because it’s a different paradigm. Take the case where two charts are linked. On a phone in responsive mode, those two charts will get positioned one above the other, forcing the user to scroll to see the linked info. But scrolling in such a situation is an awful user experience. So I use layers instead and fade the first chart out and the second chart in at the same location with a back button, which seems to work a lot better.