How to copy or export Data Preview?

Hi - I’m wondering if it is possible to copy and paste the metric set data that is displayed in the Data Preview. This would be so I can perform validation and other analysis in Excel during development.

For instance, when using a percentile measure in a metric set as below, I need to keep all rows displayed in the metric set in order for it to calculate correctly. However, the visualization is just a data label that displays the single percentile measure. I would like to be able to copy all of the rows of data into Excel. The normal click and drag or CTRL+A methods do not seem to work in the Data Preview pane.


You can export it to Excel.

Click ‘Share’, select Excel, selected items and then select the data label.
All the data behind the label will be exported.

@david.glickman that what I was thinking too.
@dave.metza I Agree with David just export it to excel, it should be the same result set you see in the Data Preview, if it is not then you got an issue in the data cube or metric set and well you are exporting it to validate if you got good results I would say you do not if they export and data preview have different set of data. (it could just be a filter was on or something when you exported)

Thank you both, I was hoping I could do it right from the edit view but this does the trick. Although now I have discovered that formulas for MEDIAN and PERCENTILE(50) are not calculated the same way.

Hi Dave,

The MEDIAN function computes the middle value from a set of input values. If the number of values is even, the function computes the average of the two middle values whereas The PERCENTILE function returns a scalar value below which the specified percentage of input data values fall. The closest input value that satisfies the condition is returned.

Let us take an example.

In the below screenshot I have an odd set of values(15). So my median and percentile(50) return the same value which is the value at the 8th position.

However in this 2nd case I have an even set of values(14). So my median computes the average of the data at the 7th and 8th position that is 1,114.5216/1,130.7840 which is equal to 1,222.6528 and percentile(50) returns the value at the 7th position which is 1,114.5216.


I hope this explanation helps.

Vidur Khanna

Hi Vidur - I get that’s how it is meant to work, however that isn’t what’s happening for me. I have an even number of records and the 2 middle values are both “2”. Dundas returns “2” for median and “2.65” for the 50th percentile.

Hello There,

the Excel export is not existing anymore? We use version and the only option to share is the hyperlink.


Hi Marc,

Excel export certainly hasn’t been removed. How are you accessing the export? If you’re looking at a dashboard created for you, someone may have removed it from you.

Hi Jeff,

my Seat type is Developer, i created the Data Connector and the Data Cube by myself. So maybe its possible that this function is locked for all, if this is possible how can i revert that?

Hi Marc,

The exporters that we use (Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Image) are all plugins that are included as part of the installation. It’s possible that something failed with your install or the plugins are not loading correct. I’d try to recycle the application pool to force a restart of the application and see if they load. A full server reboot wouldn’t hurt either in case the OS or an antivirus is holding your files hostage for some reason… you never know.

If this fails, get your log file from the admin screen and open a support ticket with It’s probably just something silly on the server that is causing them to either not install correctly to continuously fail to load. Support will be able to help you.