How Rental One Replaced Complex Excel-Based Processes With Robust Analytics

Hi VIPs,

We have **drum-roll please** some big news! After working very closely with Cube VIP Steve Glaeser of Rental One, we’re bringing you another exciting and inspirational case study!

Within this case study, we explored how Rental One replaced complex Excel-based processes with robust analytics (AKA Dundas BI).

Steve and Rental One ran into a situation where using Excel was simply no longer feasible. Their current processes were not nearly efficient or scalable enough, and they required a Business Intelligence platform that could negate Excel's shortcomings, unlock and consolidate data from their ERP, simplify ad-hoc queries, and automatically produce correct, consistent results for everyone in the organization.

Ultimately, Rental One acquired a BI solution that made millions of rows of data highly accessible across the entire organization, and allowed store managers and executives to make key decisions based on accurate information.

Steve Glaeser is a Senior Systems Analyst at Rental One in Texas.

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Plus, if you've not yet completed the Dundas BI Examples: Rental One challenge, here are some great images of the solution that Steve has shared with us:

After checking out the case study, feel free to leave any questions or comments for Steve!

Dundas VS Spread Sheets

Victory Dundas!!!

great dashboards

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Efficient transfer of Excel calculations to a high-performant, responsive, and fully distributable dashboard. Great!

Very cool. Good work.

We have a LOT of analyses done via Excel and we are moving most of it to Dundas BI as time allows. Definitely a better platform, plus easier to maintain and much easier to share across the organization.

I think this is the way of the future - welcome to 2018!

Good Dashboard

Nice work Steve!

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great dashboards

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Awesome. Good job!

Excellent case study!

Great start to some great reporting!

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