How Medidata Accelerated the Time-to-Market of their BI Projects and Enabled their Clients to take Data-Driven Actions

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Put on your reading glasses, because we've got another fantastic case study and we couldn't be more excited about having you check it out!

We've partnered with Cube member Luis Silva, of Medidata, to bring you their story.

In this case study, we explored how Medidata partnered with Dundas in order to provide their clients a better way to analyze and interact with the valuable data that was produced from their ERP software.

Luis Silva is the Senior BI Consultant at Medidata, and has had a working partnership with Dundas since early 2009, when Dundas' development core was Business Intelligence components, so if anyone knows a thing or two about Dundas, it's Luis.

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Thanks for sharing. Great story

Great case study! Are the data driven alerts used to share data exports, bring users back into Dundas BI, or both?

Awesome thanks for Sharing!

Great job, nice approche.


Thanks for sharing!

Great story.

Luis, thank you for working with us on this wonderful story. It is such a pleasure being your Account Exec!

Great success story!!!

Thanks! Looking forward to read more succesfull stories and real-life business cases with Dundas BI.

Great to see another satisfied client!

Amazing story.

thanks for sharing, this is very usefull !

Thank you for sharing your success


Very interesting. Thanks for sharing