How InfoCloud Maximized Business Growth Potential While Reducing Operational Costs

Hi Crystal,

The idea to stop using our spreadsheets in weekly meetings and starting the use of Dundas BI comes to life when we found ourselves in difficulties to follow up on our leads, so we build our dashboard and we did some calculations to prioritize the leads so we just put our concentration on the most important leads and this was a great change in our meetings. This also helped us to balance the accounts among our salesmen based on the weight of the leads and nature of the follow-up process with our accounts.

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Great work Mohammed , thank you

Great success story

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Nice insights, thanks for sharing.

Thank you for sharing this story with the InfoCloud success with Dundas BI.

Great job. Good to hear success stories!

Mohammad this is great work. Just how long did it all take to get working?

Hi James,

almost one month for both, this is including the data preperation and the pages design and applying user comments to final design.